Best Gambling Movies

Below is a list of top ten best gambling movies. This is by use of number of viewers and
IMBD Ratings. Gambling is such an interesting topic and there are a number of websites that relate to it.

1. Killing them softly

Produced in 2012 casting Brad Pitt, Richard Jenkins, and Ray Liotta. Killing Them Softly
is a movie all about an individual who is hired to steal money from a casino
poker game hosted by Mafia bosses. Being men of pride, the Mafia bosses
investigate into the matter and kills everybody involved into restoring
confidence in their gambling scene. The movie is themed in explaining two types
of gamblers; those that play with the aim of winning and those that organize
stealing the fellow gamblers’ money.

2. Holly Rollers

This is a movie that explains a story of a Christian gamblers. The gamblers play casino
by praying for a good hand from God. They are holly Christian who are strictly
church goers. The movie casts Jesse Eisenberg, Danny Abeckaser, and Justin
Bartha as their main characters. It was produced in the year 2011.

3. All In

All In is a poker movie produced in 2011 with Karen Abbott, Nick Brancato and Peter Alson
as the main characters. It all about how American politicians have used casino,
Americas’ oldest game, in fighting for the citizens’ rights. The game is live broadcasted
in national televisions and played by prominent politicians such as Matt Damon
and Clooney George.

4. The Gambler

Written by James Toback, The Gambler shows how the sports addiction. The movie details
a literature professor who believes that in the world, you can own everything
or nothing at all. By his addiction to gambling, the professor owes many debts
to the owner of the gambling hub. He is given a week to pay the debts either
with cash or his life. He decides to use the help of his students to pay the
debt. The movie was produced in 2014 with a 1974 remake. It casts Mark Wahlberg,
John Goodman and Jessica Lange.

5. Casino Royale

It casts Daniel Craig as James Bond, Judi Dench and Eva Green. Bond has been given a
promotion of his agent status to 007 agent. He is missioned to take on a
notorious weapon dealer in a match of Casino Royale. The movie was produced in

6. Owning Mahowny

This movie explain the infamous bank fraud case in Canada. The main characters have got
access to multi-million dollar account and uses the money to gamble. They loss
and it is this reason they are involved in bank fraud.

Produced in 2003, it casts Philip Hoffmann, John Hurt and Minnie Driver.

7. 21

21 is a movie produced in 2008 and is about MIT college students and their professor. They
play casino and win by use a card counting system. This does not go well after
sometime as their scan is noticed.

The cast includes Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, and Kevin Spacey.

8. Let it Ride

The 1989 movie involve a cab driver who overhears about a tip of a horse that cannot
lose. He afterwards become addicted to gambling and cannot stop.

The cast includes Richard Dreyfuss, David Johansen and Teri Garr as the main characters.

9. Two for the Money

It is all about a football star who suffers a lifetime injury and he decides to work
in a handicapping football game. It is his skills that draws the attention of
sport betting company consultants that decide to hire him. It casts Matthew
McConaughey and Al Pacino.

10. Hard Eight

The 1996 movie is about Sydney who is a gambler who feels at home in casinos. As he near
his death, Sydney meets a young boy known as John who owns nothing in this
world. He decides to teach John how to gamble.

It casts Philip Baker, John Reilly and Gwyneth Paltrow among others.